Curso Cisur - CannaLatan 2020 Cannabis y Cannabinoides


International online and presential course

“Cannabis and Cannabinoids: chemistry, pharmacology and clinical applications”

October 26 to 30, 2020

“Cannabis and cannabinoids” has become the focus of scientific research  within the Uruguayan academic community, since 2013 when the government enacted a law to regulate the recreational cannabis market, more recently new laws were approved to promote scientific research on a wide range of medical aplications. These law promotes and facilitates the study of the medical use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids as a national priority. In this context, we have considered of major importance to organize a postgraduate international course to promote a better understanding of the science, medical applications, current research, etc  improve the knowledge base related to this topic.

The course will be focused on three major modules:

Module I- Plant: genetics, chemistry and secondary metabolites

Module II- Endocannabinoid System and cannabinoids effects

Module III- Pathologies and therapeutic applications based on Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Academic profile of attendees

The course will be offered to postgraduate students of Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medical Sciences. In addition, clinicians, nurses and dentists could also benefit from it. It was approved by PEDECIBA (Programa de Desarrollo de Ciencias Básicas) from Universidad de la República.

Organizer and Co-organizer: Consorcio de Innovación Sur (CISUR) and CannaLatan-Cyted

Language: Spanish and English (non-translation)

Modality: Combined event (presential and online regime).

Venue: Sala Las orquídeas de LATU, Montevideo, Uruguay.


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